[Known Issue] Resource stations working only once

Issue Summary:
There is an issue some of you may have experienced where resource stations work once and then fail to work a second time. So far the most common report is from smokers that smoke once and then will no longer smoke meat.

We recently received a report from a player that mentioned that when they removed some resources form the area (they had sticks and other items stacked around it and nearby) that the smoker started working correctly again.

Another player reported that for them if the campfire their smoker was built on top off had been used to before building the smoker (or similar item) above it then the smoker would not work. However, if the campfire was fresh, then they had no issues.

If this has occurred for you, and either of those two workarounds matches your situation and you find works for you, please let us know. Even if the workaround doesn’t work, please let us know as it can help us to track the success of the workarounds.

At first my smoker didn’t smoke. Then I though maybe it needs some sort of a trigger that you actually want to smoke the meat. So after the cooking was complete, I removed it and putted it back on. Then the smoker worked. However later on, at least one save further. It was no longer required and the smoking process started immediately after the cooking process.

Hi Wollysbrother,

Thank you for those details. Did anything change in the area of the smoker between it smoking automatically and requiring replacing the meat? Such as other resources moved, crafting stations placed near it etc?

No, in fact I actually placed a plankstation next to it with some crates to put the planks in. And my building materials are also pretty close. It was clear around the smoker when the bug occured to me. Also clear space when building the smoker with the exception of the fire pit/camp fire of course.

I also used them both, 5 pieces to smoke and piece cooking above the fire. Works fine too.

To clarify I consider “close” when I take 4 steps with the character. My building materials, crate, and the plank station do not touch the smoker.

Thanks for those extra details Wollysbrother and for including what you consider close, this’ll be useful for the team :slight_smile: