[Known Issue] Rafts vanishing after sleep/save

Issue Summary:
Players may experience their raft has vanishing after sleeping or saving the game. The most common report of this issue occurring is when a player returns to their island (which may have an established base or large collection of items), leaves their raft and sleeps/saves immediately.

Unconfirmed: When returning to your island, especially if you have a significant number of items there or experienced lag on the way back, do not sleep/save immediately and if possible stay near your raft for a short while. The workaround for lag and crashing when saving - Staring at the sky for up to 5 mins to allow everything to catch up - may work in this situation.

Bonjour, j’ai eu le même soucis qui donc n’est toujours pas résolu, Hier sur mon radeau il me manquait plusieurs morceaux dont les étagères et caisses avec . Et aujourd’hui, mon radeau à complétement disparu avec tous l’équipement et le stuff avec. Plusieurs heures à farmer pour rien, vraiment très démotivant…
J’espère que ce problème sera vite résolu, sinon le jeu n’a aucun intérêt, car tout recommencer pour rien c’est désagréable.

Hello, I had the same problem which therefore still has not been resolved. Yesterday on my raft I was missing several pieces including the shelves and boxes with them. And today my raft is completely gone with all the gear and stuff with it. Several hours of farming for nothing, really very demotivating …
I hope this problem will be resolved soon, otherwise the game is of no interest, because starting all over for nothing is unpleasant.

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I’m sorry to hear you’re experiencing this issue in the game. This issue is still under investigation (It’ll be moved to “Fixed Issues” when we feel it is resolved) but as you mentioned other equipment seperate to your raft vanishing, I would ask that you please submit a seperate bug report in the Console Bug Reports section with as much information as possible so I can look into this issue further for you.

My raft vanished after I saved, went to the menu and loaded back. I had crate shelves on my raft and all the crates were still there just hovering but my raft and everything connected to it was gone. When I would grab the containers I could throw them and they acted as if physics no longer affected them. I could throw them in any direction and they would continue going regardless of obstacles. I’m on my 27th day and I just started working on the plane. This makes me not want to play the game anymore.

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Hi Hankthegasman, welcome to the forums!

Thank you for reporting you experience of this issue. Items left behind are not often mentioned in player reports. When you reloaded the saves were the crates floating and spaced out as if they were still on the shelves?

Also, had you just arrived back at your island or had you been on the island for a while before saving?

I also just had my raft disappear after I saved on day 32 with about 6 crates on it and my gyrocopter - since it looks like this bug isnt fixed and its known about I guess I’m just done playing for good and uninstalling, no point in sinking tons of hours back into this game if my stuff can just go at any minute. Such a bummer, I feel like I’ve just completely wasted time.

Thank you for sharing your experience Jbaker35, and I’m sorry to hear that your crates and gyro were also affected by this issue and I understand how disheartening this can be. The team are still working on this issue but we do not have a set timeline for a fix - any announcements for updates/patches will be made in the News and Announcements section as soon as info is available.