Just found a Black Reef Shark!

Yesterday I hunted and killed a Black Reef Shark. This is new. I have never seen nor killed one before. Are these part of the last upgrade?

Hi Sweetlisa22,

Congrats on hunting and killing the Blacktip Reef Shark. They aren’t new to the game but if I recall correctly they can be rare in comparison to other sharks :shark:

If I remember correctly, they friendly. Killing a black reef shark is like killing a whale shark, you can do it, but it’s heartbreaking

He came at me Bro. I dont think he was friendly. Odd thing is, he taste like Blacktip Chicken…

HA!! I have seen a couple, but haven’t killed one yet. I just started a new game so I am not at the point of killing sharks quite yet. Those Backtips are wicked fast… As I have seen them I know I gotta be on my game when it comes to spearing them.

I remember reading for the PC version there was the occasional Blacktip Shark that wasn’t so friendly. Perhaps a similar shark with attitude was brought over to console :thinking:

@Clare I don’t know if this helps, but I have seen them around my “base” island. Also, one got me eternally… when on my single platform raft island jumping, one actually knocked me over and made me his dinner. I was pretty much evenly between islands.

Thanks for letting me know - sorry to hear you became dinner :frowning:
I’ve made a note to double check with the team what’s expected of blacktip sharks. With the holiday season responses will be delayed but I’ll post info here when I know more!

You were right, I had one come at me and I didn’t think anything of it till I seen it with the fast movement like other aggressive sharks. So far it’s only been one, but I do believe the aggressive ones were ported since I don’t know of anyone before that ever getting attacked by one lol

This completely slipped through the cracks for me over the holidays - sorry about that, following up with the team. Thanks for following up with your own experience Mtragincajun89 :slight_smile:

Edit: Okay, from chatting to the team it seems they should be completely passive and shouldn’t be attacking anyone. If anyone has an experience with being attacked by a Blacktip Reef Shark (either new, or one they recall) please let me know in a bug report. We’re going to investigate this further on our end.

Yvw, it was funny when I killed it, I checked and there’s no teeth lol

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I play on PlayStation and I killed a blacktip reef shark and I’ve been hunting this bad boy for days it was wicked fast and would run away whenever I finally saw it and would sneak attack me I was so happy when I finally killed the thing just to figure out it’s a super small shark and has no teeth this sucked because it has no teeth but was somehow able to pick me up with its mouth like a hammerhead and it just sucked overall!