Issue after patch/update 2083

Not so much as bug per say but just a weird thing lol has anyone elses watch gone a bit glitchy after the update ? I haven’t played the game in about a week due to real world commitments so not sure if this happened before or after the update today but i shall post a pic and people will see what i mean lol

Thanks for mentioning this Charlie1992, I’ll pass this onto the team.

Please try clearing the cache of your console if you haven’t done so already and reloading and let me know if that helps fix the watch display at all.

@Clare yes i did try doing that unfortunately it hasnt work its not game breaking by any means lol but yea just funny to look at. BUT unfortunately there is a but lol i just used my binoculars and it basically made my character dissappear as in you couldnt seen my arms when holding stuff i couldnt look at my watch ect either luckily i didnt save it since that happene so reloaded it and everything was fine i will use them again and see if it does it again and get some pictures

Before looking through the binocs

And these are after… as you can see pretty game breaking i am on xbox series X and done the latest update to version 2083

Another pic which is the most game breaking one of them all sorry for all the messages @Clare i can imagine your very busy

No worries charlie1992 - Thanks for those images and for reporting these issues I’ll make sure to alert the team to them! If you notice anything else, please do not hesitate to add it to this thread.

I’m also going to move this to the bug reports section too as these are issues that need to be looked at.

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Having issues with ps4 version also. First of all the spyglass no longer works, can’t zoom with them and then leaves the reticle after you have unequipped them. And second pressing the button to bring the watch up doesn’t show the watch but has option to scroll through the pages.

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Exactly the same as what you’ve said mate :+1:

@Clare if its any consolation after the update the game is running VERY smoothly on xbox series X and havent found any other issue’s as of yet and ive been actively trying to find some. So the team are doing a good job :ok_hand:

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@Ifimust - welcome to the forums, thank you for letting me know you are experiencing the same issues on PS4, I’ll add this to my notes.

@Charlie1992 - That’s good to know :slight_smile: I’m sure the team will be happy to hear that! Thank you for letting me know.

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