Island Diversity and Cartographer


I understand that the cartographer in the console version is limited due the “outdated” consoles. However I have some idea’s to increase the replay value.

First the Cartographer. On the console version we might not be able to sculpture the exact island into detail however I have seen Wolly and his hut. What if we can at least add 5-10 buildings into the map with e.g. various hut designs, preset docks(sizes etc.), …? And maybe add to the rock section a cave of which only 1 can be placed.

Second the Islands. I have seen a lot of beautiful Islands I would like to explore until I read for PC only. I understand the console might be the limiting factor however what if some of those designs get optimized for consoles? An option is to attache them to certain achievements to unlock and if you make like 10-15 special islands and program it in such way that every seed contains between 3-5 of those Islands. The replay value will increase and gives the incentive and excitement to start and hunt for new (or better) map seeds.

I do hope you didn’t made the same misstake as Blizzard did in the past with Warcraft 3 Editor and that the map makers actually have rights with given & free editor to use… Else my second point might be difficult.

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Hi Wollysbrother - Welcome to the forums!

Thank you for sharing your feedback on the cartographer and islands within the game. I have moved your post to the “Suggestions” section of the forum as it includes suggested changes to the cartographer and islands available.

I have seen some beautiful PC islands myself. While I can’t confirm what features or changes will be ported over from PC (I know the team want to bring over as much as they can) I will pass you feedback onto the team.

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Any new info on this being a possibility? Thank you!