Involuntary Movement Bug

Xbox One/Stranded Deep(2083)/Gameplay Bug/Gameplay Sensitivity and Movement Issues. “Player character has involuntary movement from side to side and sometimes up and down. Severe laggy action when trying to walk forward the character seems to move very far left on its own when moving just a little bit to the left and same for the right side. Can walk straight and have the character do almost a full circle involuntarily looking around in whatever direction was slowly moved towards. Doesn’t seem to be fixed a majority of the time when relogging or changing the control settings. Just wanted to give you guys a heads up incase it’s happening to other people or becomes a bigger issue. Very displeasing having to fight with it, if you want to turn right it will direct you back left majorly and won’t stop and vice versa. Happens once logging in 3/4 out of 5 times I’d say and issue doesn’t seem to go away, just slightly less prominent after fighting with it and doing certain actions that Im not totally aware of are but I would like to guess and say building and doing things within crates helps it a bit but not enough.
Seed: 19000230 (amazing seed has tons of big islands close together for hunting and personal preference)
Only thing changed at the start in the settings from default settings were turning on and including the 2 starting crates. I have 2 custom islands in the cartographer as of now, I have one custom island as my home base where I’ve built a majority of my stuff. I don’t believe the buildings or supplies on my island contribute to the problem as my island is not laggy other then the normal island lag when leaving and coming back to and from the island from loading in the chunks and materials. I tend to keep most of my stuff in crates and not on the ground to contribute to less lag. The second custom island I have is for the purpose of gathering certain supplies that are harder to come by or just easier to get short trip wise usually just palm trees and material items like rocks and sometimes clay. I do this as to prevent stripping and destroying naturally generated islands as I enjoy having them around, they look natural and makes for a more fun gaming experience and sharks and animals respawn on them unlike custom islands which don’t have sharks and animals do not respawn and sometimes they can even disappear over time or glitch into the ocean and over the edge lol. Thank you for taking the time to read this! I forgot to mention this in a Multiplayer version created world.

Hi CaptainBlueSky, welcome to the forums,

Thank you for reporting this issue to us. I understand how fighting against this drift could become frustrating during gameplay.

Please let me know:

  • Do you have more than one save? Or a single player save of the same map? If so, have you noticed this issue occurs in other saves too?

  • Is this something that’s always occurred in your save/saves or is it something that developed over time when playing? If it developed over time, do you remember if you had recently changed anything in the game when you first started noticing it?

  • Are you using a controller that came with your XB1, or are you using a third party controller? If using a 3rd party controller, is it wireless or wired type?

  • Do you have a second controller? If so, have you tried switching to this controller to see if it makes a difference?

  • Do you have the auto-walk option turned on/off? If it is on, please try turning it off to see if that has any impact on your gameplay.

Thank you also for sharing your feedback on custom islands, I have a report from another player mentioning issues with animals respawning on custom islands and I shall add your comments to this report too.

Any extra information you can provide about your gameplay and hardware setup would be greatly appreciated as it may help the team to narrow down the source of this issue further.

Hello Clare! Hope you are doing well. Regarding my Stranded Deep game and saves here are the answers to some of your questions…

  1. I do have 2 saves in total, the other save slots I have no touched or used. One save being the online play and the other one being the normal single player play both have the same Cartographer seed but I have not played on the single player version other then to just load into it and going to the first island and building a shelter nothing else to save and switch the controls to see if that would fix the problem in the multiplayer world but it still remains the same .

  2. No this isn’t something thats ever occurred before in any of my saves and Ive been playing for a few years now before multiplayer came out to console and before they had the big crabs and hogs moved over. It was something that developed over time living and building on the custom island and I’m not sure if it’s because I put as much I could on the custom island itself like trees/cliffs what have you or because of the buildings I have built on it currently? It didn’t happen from changing anything in game as I haven’t changed anything at all not even the volumetric clouds I have everything on default settings. It first started to happen when I built my dock and first storage area made from wood and planks I believe or shortly after. After which I logged in the next day and had it happen the first time, I thought it was my controller but testing it on other games it showed it not be the controller, Aswell I just bought 2 new ones at Christmas and I’m using the none wireless one which is just a month old. Related to changing anything in the game I have since done so and that would be changing the scheme, the inverted axis Aswell as the sensitivy then playing with whatever I changed it to for about a minute and then reverting back. I would change my scheme to B or C as I typically use A, I would change the inverted axis to on and then the sensitivy down to 30-40 or up to 60-70 that seems to do the trick for a little while playing but it doesn’t entirely get rid of the problem as it doesn’t last and when I log back in it’s back to the way it was. The problem seems the worst the longer I play or if I create a new custom island for supplies close to mine and start playing and moving around more. I usually wait to see if it’s the game loading stuff in still or whatever but it doesn’t seem to change anything. It still Involuntarily moves a lot to the left more so then the right. So I could walk straight for sometime but have my guy be turning right majorly without me even touching the right analog stick and completing a full circle almost, very laggy while doing so.

  3. I’m using a somewhat brand new controller only about a month old for the Xbox one S that is wired and plugged into my actual console. It is updated and not the controller itself as I don’t experience the movement issues in other games.

  4. I do have a second controller that’s wireless and brand new which Ive only used to try and see if that would fix the problem and it did not sadly. Ive concluded it’s the movement in game that isn’t synching or seems to just be overly sensitive and especially moving horizontally right even while running. I want to think it’s because of island lag and maybe because of what I’ve built or something because movement is slow or extremely fast and somewhat hard to explain but if I would move my anolog stick to look around it would be in rotations like a hexagon and my character would move at the points. So not a smooth full circle but a choppy one like a palm trees worth thickness on movement if that makes sense?

  5. I do have auto walk off and never have turned it on as I find it a lot harder to control and manage with my play style.

Thank you Clare. Hope this helps! I will say it has been better since I’ve organized my crates into shelving units but occasionally it still happens to a bad degree where only fix I have is changing the settings like scheme,axis and sensitivity. Id say it only happens 2/5 times now logging and and playing for some time which is excellent. I will continue to test it and see what works and what doesn’t and let you know if it resolves/gets better and or gets worse.

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Hi CaptainBlueSky,

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions in such detail - and for listing each reply separately for me :slight_smile:

The information about changing the controller settings as a temp workaround is very good to know - thank you for sharing this. Thank you also for confirming which controller you’re using primarily and the controller type you used to test it. Given that it did not change the issue in the game and the fact that changing the controller settings can temporarily relieve the issue, I’m confident that the issue is not with the controllers - this is good info for the team to have when trying to replicate the issue.

Your description of the movement and what you believe could be affecting it makes perfect sense to me. I’ll add this description as-is to my report for the team. There have been a number of reports of lag, most often this is related to how much is on the island, particularly piles of loose items ( putting them into crates can help as you’ve seen yourself) - buildings can also contribute to the lag somewhat if there’s enough of them. Can you confirm for me what building materials you typically use for your structures?

Other players have also mentioned lag that may not be related to item volume but seems to be linked to how long they’ve been playing a save for. Would you say this started around day 20 or so for you?
I’m also wondering if the repawning issue could potentially be linked to this if it’s on some sort of timer. I’m not a dev, so I’ll leave it to them to investigate, but if you feel there could be a relation between these and your experience, please let me know - your input based on your experience is very valuable.

I’m glad you have some workarounds that have worked for you but completely understand this is not ideal. Thank you again for all of that information, please do let me know if you notice anything else you feel could be related as you continue to play (or unrelated, all reports are appreciated).