Help & Instructions for Newbees

You need instructions for new players. I was stuck in the plane filling with water. Message says new task is to escape to life raft. BUT HOW !!?!! Moving mouse moves view. can’t advance or move. clicking buttons on mouse & keyboard does nothing. can’t escape to a menu. have to press ctrl+alt+delete to stop.

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Thank you for your Feedback, I have moved this to the new PC suggestions section as you mention PC inputs.

By default it should use WASD to move, like pretty much any recent first person game.

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Hi ArtBud43,

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Darkness is correct, by default it’s WASD, if you are having trouble with that then perhaps there is an issue with your input settings in options.

Let us know if WASD isn’t working for you and we can investigate further.

Today i started playing the game and probably i use arrows as movements in all the games ,by default they keeps WASD as the controls and i changes it AND on this game when i tried to change its asking for a double verification which makes no sense. A suggestion: it would be great if you change the control editing menu like 1st column-assigned key,2nd column a crossmark(ie to remove the control) and removing the double verification