Hello team I would love to ask you if you can change the console main menu to this

In pc the background is Show you the island you live on please make that to console

Hi Ahmadm48,

Thank you for your suggestion/ request. I will add this to the player requests list for the consideration of the team :slight_smile:

In future, please post any suggestion/requests in the suggestions section which can be found here: https://forums.strandeddeepgame.com/c/console-bug-reports/suggestions/12

That way we can keep all of them together for easy reference and suggestions wont get lost in general discussion among other posts as the community grows!

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[Edit] - Moved this post to the “Suggestions” section.

It took my 10 m. To figure out how to move it :rofl:

No worries Ahmadm48 - sorry for the confusion, but I had already moved it myself. I just commented so there was a record and to let you know in case you couldn’t find your post.

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Oh my god I confused my self :rofl:

Everything seems to be in order now anyhow so I think we’re good either way :laughing:

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