Giant island abandoned post?

Hello there

I’m wondering what is the beat island everyone’s found?

I seen on YouTube someone found a giant island that was unique from all others!
He had to swim rocks to find a way in…
Is this islands on the console versions?

If you’ve not found this island what’s the coolest island you’ve found?

Console users don’t have access to mods to have or create islands like that for them to be placed into the worlds. It would be awesome. But not possible.

They actually can create islands.

Ya. Its insane some of the things i have seen. Islands with caves and insane amounts of clay or trees or ship wrecks. Ya pc players are so lucky. Makes me wanna get one. But I just love my ps and my friends on there. Maybe one day tho. PC users always get content faster and fixes faster then what console users do. There is so many hoops they gotta jump for console users. We always get the crap in of the stick.

Actually on the console version you can create islands. I just did my first one today actually. Not as intricate but some of that stuff is mods that people have downloaded separately. Also I totally yet for some reason PC players are acting as if they are constantly ignored :woman_facepalming:

Oh ya… I have done that little custom island thing. In game too… But it’s so limited unfortunately… I wish they allowed more. I wish their was a way to get mods. That would be dope… Ya pc users don’t even know what neglect is when it comes to games. Lol I mean Heck they had the game for what 3 years befor consoles even got it.