Game in coop mode crashing, slow walking and it's not the internet

Estou com problemas pra jogar no modo coop , questão de travar a imagens lentidão ao andar, e não é problema de internet
Fica impossível jogar com essa lentidão, pois não consigo abrir nem meu inventário.

Translation added by Clare using Google Translate:

I’m having problems playing in coop mode, it’s a matter of crashing the images when walking, and it’s not an internet problem
It’s impossible to play with this slowness, as I can’t even open my inventory.

Hi leisdayannteles,

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Thank you for your understanding.

With regards to your issue, I’m sorry to hear you’re experiencing this problem in multiplayer. Please let me know:

  • What console / system are you playing on? Do both players have the same console type?

  • What version of the game are you playing? (This number is in the bottom left of the main menu)

  • What region do you use when playing multiplayer?

  • Is this a new save you have started or one you have been playing for some time? If it is one you’ve been playing for a while, please let me know how old this save is

  • Is the slowness only occurring on your main / home island or are you experiencing it on other islands too?

  • If it mostly occurs on your home island, do you have a lot of loose items or any large construction on the island?

  • When your game crashes, does this occur when saving or during regular gameplay?

  • Is it both the host and player2 that disconnect from the game, or is it just player2?

  • If the host disconnects / crashes is there any error message displayed in game or does it crash to an error message from your console?

Any extra information you can provide about your experience of this issue would be greatly appreciated as it can help the team to investigate further and there may be some workarounds I can suggest if I understand more about the issue.