[Game Breaking Bug][PS4][2083][Coop Progression] Lost All Story Crafting Recipes After Update 1.14

After downloading and installing patch 1.14 for ps4, we lost all story crafting recipes including boss trophies and plane parts. We already killed two bosses so it renders us unable to finish the game.

All default settings.

We tried clearing cache, reloading game several times but the recipes are still not available.

Hi blacksanctuary, welcome to the forums.

Thank you for reporting this issue. Please elaborate by what you mean by the reciepes being “lost” - are they not marked as uncrafted for you, no longer unlocked, or are they missing from the crafting menu entirely?

Edit: follow up question, If you travel to a boss area, have the bosses respawned? I am wondering if it is the crafting menu or the progress in the story that has reset. Please also let me know if you crafted any of the items in question before this happened.

Hi Clare,

The boss trophies are no longer unlocked, same with the plane parts. We already crafted the eel and shark trophies before but the recipes for them along with the plane parts are no longer in our crafting menu. This happens for both the host and the guest.

We tried looking for the eel boss again but could not find the sunken battle ship. Do boss fight arenas disappear after killing the bosses?

Hi blacksantuary,

Thank you for confirming that info for me. I’ll have to double check with the team if the locations are supposed to stay there or not, I believe they should but best to make sure - I’ll let you know as soon a I can.

Are you planing to attack the Squid with your friend? If you still have one boss left, beating it may result in the story crafting items being unlocked again. However if the colour behind them has changed back as if they were never crafted, this may still affect the “Gotta Craft Them All” trophy from unlocking.

[Update: another player has mentioned they killed the shark and found the crafting menu did not unlock. If you wish to try killing the squid to see if it has an impact on your save, I would recommend doing so but perhaps avoiding saving afterwards as there may be another workaround that hasn’t been thought of yet]

hey @Clare @blacksanctuary

i have the same problem but i noticed that you can still build the boss trophies and the plane parts with fast/quick(?) crafting

I was able to build the trophy and propeller part right after the fight with Lusca.
If the inventory is empty, only trophies and aircraft parts will be displayed when fast crafting.

I hope it helps

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Thanks Clare, my friend feels kinda defeated right now after spending lots of time in the game so I won’t be able to test killing the squid boss since I am not the host.


Thanks for the info. Are you playing on ps4? How do you access quick crafting?

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yes i play the game on ps4

to use quick crafting you have to hold R1 then you can use the left stick to choose what you want to build.

i tested it with all bosses and it worked for me.

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Hi @Nobby and @blacksanctuary - Sorry for my delay in getting back to you.

Nobby thank you so much for sharing this workaround. I shall make a note of this in my report and let other players who’s experienced this know.

blacksanctuary if this did / didn’t work for you, please let me know. I hope it has!

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Thank you, we just tested it and it did allow us to craft the plane parts!

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Sorry for the delay, yes the quick crafting wheel did allow us to craft the plane parts! Thank you.

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That’s great to hear, thank you for letting me know blacksanctuary :slight_smile: I’ll make a note for the team that the workaround has worked for more than one player. I hope this helps other players who may be stuck in a similar position while the team work on this issue.

Thank you again Nobby for sharing.

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