Frames and visual quality

Hi everyone :wave: I was playing stranded deep a lot
And then I I played a game with 60 frames/s and I was like: why stranded deep don’t have 60 frames
I know it’s hard to make that for xbox 1 and ps4
But I know the team can do it

Also I want to talk about visual quality
The game does not have a great graphics
Like shadow quality water details on console
I would suggest to upgrade the graphics little bit and give it nice shadow quality and water details and texters
Also the game have a really great texters except the water texters I know it’s hard to do but that will make your game more playable
Before the game release on console, I was playing on a low end laptop and I was playing with higher graphics with the same fps

I would like to give this suggestion to the team
And I won’t be sad if they can’t do it because it’s bad hard to make the graphics better :slight_smile:

Edit: also I got a bug I can’t spawn animals in island creator


Thanks for the suggestions Ahmadm48!
Great feedback and we’ll definitely pass it on to the team.

Regarding the bug you’ve mentioned:
Can you give me some more details please?

What steps did you take to produce this bug, are you running the latest update? (version 2009 in the bottom left of the main menu)

Which console are you playing on?
If you can also provide the seed and any additional details it will be very helpful.
(you can find the seed from bottom of the Cartographer on the main menu)

No it wasn’t a bug I just forget to press x

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I feel like you want to kill us for our spamming :rofl::rofl:
Thanks everyone for working hard to see our feedback

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