Flying raft and some suggestions

I was on a custom island, and I decided to expand the ferry. But there came a time, when I went to put a support for the lamp, but I was startled when my boat capsized and went flying. Even with the four anchors I installed on it, the raft went flying. It stopped in the middle of the ocean and began to turn. I went, with the character, after her, but I couldn’t get her back. The way out was to leave the game and return. Then I did the same work, installed the lamp holder, but the problem did not occur again.
I ask developers not to abandon Stranded Deep. And think about new updates. One of them would be to solve this type of bug. Other suggestions would be: to enable the construction of a small base on the ferry (like a cabin). The other would be the possibility of changing the clothes of the character, who spends all his time in the game with the same clothes.