Fish not displaying correctly

When spearfishing, I caught 2 clown fish and 2 sardines.
When I checked in my inventory it said that I had 4 clown fish.

I dont know:

  • If I caught sardines first, if I would have 4 sardines
  • If there’s a generic “small fish category”

Playing on PS4, latest version.
December 20th 2020

Minor bug but I hope it helps^^

Edit: When dropped they convert back to 2 clown fish and 2 sardines.

Edit 2: Skinned crabs (small) don’t disappear after being skinned.

Did you cycle through them? When you catch different fish of the same size, it will put them in the same stacks, not by types

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The fish just stack that way, I was really confused at first too until I realizee it consistently will do it.


Hi EradicateYou,

Thank you for reporting this, as others have mentioned, small fish can stack together in the inventory. Was the label on the stack generic or did it label them all as clown fish?

For the skinned crabs, this is one the team are aware of and they should vanish when the game is reloaded, or if you go to another island and back again (so the island they are on unloads and reloads). If they don’t, please let me know.


It did say Clown Fish 4/4
The crabs despawned indeed :slight_smile:

Thanks for getting back to me, I am going to file a report on this for the team and put in a request it be changed to make it clear it’s a mixed stack.

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