Farming Plot - 36 hours is too short a time

36 hours is not enough time to return to planters. This 36 hour time limit is about to make me quit the game. I suggest 3-5 days.

I don’t think 36hrs is an issue because when you get back your plants maybe dead but you can plant the fruits left behind even if they’re spoiled or not and yukka fruits respawn at the same time as yukka leaves

Yucca fruit don’t respawn anywhere. I have ~20 garden plots on my main island, and everything that died could be replanted except for my Yucca trees. I’ll need a run to a new island to get a plantable Yucca fruit.

36 hours is definitely not enough time, given how long it can take to go from island to island. Once you’ve scrapped the nearby islands, resource runs start becoming very time consuming. Factor in the amount of time it takes to get there, plus the amount of time needed to harvest the resources, and then the return trip.

If they don’t want to increase the time, they should make it so that there’s a chance that storms will spawn over your island’s biome while you’re away.

None of the plants you can… plant should be dying in just a few days unless they’ve been out of water for a while before you leave. If that’s the case then most of the plants on the islands would also be dead, right? Why? Well, you’re using plants native to that area because you find them there, once they’re planted and start to grow they would usually be okay after that. I wouldn’t see a major problem with a small percentage chance that a plant might develop an issue if you aren’t tending them, or even if you are, but all 20 of Madhatter’s plants in plots dying in just 1.5 days? No.