Every last crate I had disappeared

I just can’t seem to catch a break with this damn game after having major raft issues and Reporting bugs I decided to deal with it and move all my crates to an island about 40 of them I didn’t have enough materials to build shelves so I just leave them on the ground. Went to another Island to grab something came back and every last crate is gone… once again saved before I ever noticed it. I have reported four times in the past day and none of my issues have been solved or even found a workaround. In the spot I laid my crates the frame rate is absolutely terrible almost as if it’s trying to load it in but it won’t.

Even once I walk away from the spot I laid my crates my frame rate is only running at 15 per second throughout the whole game every Island.

Have checked internet I’ve done multiple things it’s the game itself.

It sucks because every last bit of loot in the game we’re on those crates I had already searched every island and took all the crates all my Jerry cans are gone so now I can’t even make fuel to finish the game.

Hi TGxAssassin,

I’m sorry you’ve experienced so many issues of late in the game and I appreciate you taking the time to report them to us here even though there may not be any immediate solutions or workarounds.

Please let me know:

  • After you moved the crates to the island, did you save on the island in question or did you leave and save on your previous island before going back?

  • Was there a mixture of materials in your crates or were the contents consistent?

  • Were any of the crates renamed?

  • Is there any evidence of items being moved or stuck in the center of the island where you left the crates? There have been reports of items being shifted to the island center and somewhat sunken. (This may be difficult to tell if the center of the island has a significant height above sea level or cliffs)

  • Have you tried clearing the cache of the console by shutting down and unplugging for 2 mins before rebooting after this occured?

  • Are any of these crates ones that salvaged from the error with your raft or are they different crates? (You hadn’t mentioned retrieving crates but I just want to make sure)

The drop in overall frame rate does sound like the game is struggling with what has occured with the crates. I would believe this is an error within the game itself and not an issue with your own setup. However I know there were sound distortion issues when players kept saves on external drives, if you use an external drive please let me know - of course this shouldn’t be a factor in issues but it may help the team with trying to replicate the issue in question.