Error Timeout_StayAlive and random disconnects

*[PC] [0.90.11] Error Timeout_StayAlive and Random disconnects

My Friend and I having been playing the last couple of nights and we keep getting random drop out, but tonight it is coming up with an error Timeout_StayAlive.
It mainly seem to happen when we are traveling to different islands.

Disconnects happen randomly

Please provide as much detail of the issue and your experience with it as possible. Please also let us know how frequently the issue occurs and if it can occur from the start of a gameplay session or over time.

This number can be found at the bottom of the cartographer

Were any of your settings changed from the default options and have you added any custom Islands?

Sailing to different island and general walking around or interacting with the environment.

Tried restarting pc and restarting game to no prevail

tired verify files on steam (no fix)