[Epic][0.90.00][Tool belt lost] Co-op joined player tool belt gone after rejoin

Amazing game! Only reporting bugs to help out! Please keep up the great work-- your game is singular and immersive! It’s one of the rare games that stands ready as a full release, but whose potential remains equally as vast! The online co-op is wonderful and I wish it 100% success!

The player who joins co-op loses their tool belt progress after disconnecting from the session and rejoining. They are not able to re-craft the original belt, but if higher tiers are still un-crafted, their belt returns for that session. Obviously, the belt is gone forever once the highest tier has been crafted.

Were any of your settings changed from the default options and have you added any custom Islands?


  1. Craft the tool belt
  2. Save and disconnect
  3. Rejoin (tool belt progress is gone and cannot be re-crafted)

The tool belt seems to come back when the player upgrades to the next level of tool belt.

Hi Stranded,

Thanks for reporting this issue with the tool belt in co-op.
A bug report about this issue was submitted previously and the dev team are investigating.

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