[Epic][0.80.0][Tutorial Reset][Seed 21481375]

Just installed 0.80.0 update. Resumed saved game at day 14 on my third island. The tutorial appeared at the top of my screen telling me to move my raft to an island and how to do so. It seems to have reset to day 1.

I can confirm this. I was on my home island.

This is what I got:

And now I have to get the raft down from the terrace at the 3rd floor and then back up again … :laughing:

I didn’t have to carry my raft down. It was enough to pull it a few centimetres, take the paddle and sit in it. After this I went through the hole tutorial again until I was supposed to build another shelter. I won’t do this here, but on one of the unexplored islands. On my start island I already have a shelter … and a bed in my 7 level house. :wink:

I have spent a lot of time now to reorganize all my stuff and repack it because now 5 stacks fit into the containers.

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Thanks guys, looking into it.

The tutorial will resume from the last saved state from build 0.80.00. However, save games pre-0.78.00 don’t have saved tutorial data, so will ‘resume’ from the beginning. It is safe to disable the tutorial from the Options->General menu.