[EPIC][0.76.1][Performance] - FPS tanked

After a few weeks of ‘ok’ performance, the FPS has now tanked to around 20fps, no matter what graphics settings I use. Task Manager shows GPU utilisation between 10-15%.

See video below (around 0:55 arrive at island).
See 1:40 when I change graphics to ‘Laptop’ 1080p with little difference in performance.


See video

No idea…

Threadripper 3970X, RTX 3090, 64GB RAM, Latest Win 10 updates, NVIDIA Studio Driver 461.40 (Released 01/26/2021)

  • I loaded another save slot (progress day 3, hardly any items) with no change in FPS
  • I have validated game files via Unreal launcher
  • Reinstalled GPU drivers
  • No difference between DirectX or OpenGL
  • Update: I reinstalled game and no change in performance


GPU Utilisation:


I am pleased to report that this excessive FPS issue was not to do with Stranded Deep. It seemed there was some Windows file corruptions which were only resolved by reinstalling Windows.

I still only get about 45fps max at 1440p medium settings, which with 3090 should perform better…

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