[Epic][0.76.01][Video] Black screen when restarting game after death

When I die, if I immediately Quit to the main menu (not Quit to desktop), so not letting the game fade all the way to black and take me to the main menu itself, and then I continue the game, the screen stays faded to black. If I press ESC, sometimes I can see the menu text very faintly and am able to find the Quit button, back to the main menu and start the game again and it starts as normal, other times the screen is too black and I just press Alt+F4 and start from the launcher again.

This issue is not depended on the current map.

No custom islands, settings are the defaults (Video preset medium, vertical sync off, shadows medium, Antialiasing FXAA).

Steps as in the summary.


  • My guess is the fading to black is not getting resetted after leaving the scene and so it stays on when it is restarted.
  • I was dying to one of the bosses and was consistently getting the issue. But while writing this I was trying to reproduce it by dying to a giant crab and the game didn’t let me press ESC while the dying animation was playing, so maybe the death to the bosses isn’t blocking the ESC button.

Thanks for those details FishyBoy.

I’m looking into this and will submit a bug report on your behalf.

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I have had a similar thing happen just from loading up a game. No death needed. Close game to menu, check map maybe, load up game. Black screen. Back to menu, reload up game, and all is normal.

Same version, same platform.

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