[Epic][0.76.01][fire place] Hobo Stove on fire place with meat prevents pick up of the meat

I have a fire place with smoker. I placed 5 pieces of meat into the smoker. Then I build a hobo stove at that fire place. I think this is an error, because the hobo stove below the smoker is not usable at all. I tried to place meat on the hobo stove below the smoker but this did not work.

However, when I clicked at the fire place itself, then I was able to place a 6th piece of meat on a stick at the fire place (which is normal). However, the stick with the 6th piece of meat is inside the hobo stove. The result was, that I could not pick up the 6th piece of meat anymore, not matter what I try. It is now hanging there for days, and I believe it is more than well-done …

I guess the main bug is, that I was able to build the hobo stove at a fire place, which already had a smoker.

Hi me2,

We’re looking into this, thanks.