[Epic][0.76.00][visuals] can't see my hand anymore

First time I play this game: in the beginning I could see my hand with a tool or object. I had caught 2 crabs, made a fire, cooked the first crab, pressed E ( I play KBM) to get the cooked crab - couldn’t see my hand anymore. I didn’t realized that I had the crab already in hand, tried to extinguish fire pressing E, that didn’t work. First after pressing LBM and “eating” the invisible crab could I extinguish the fire. Since that episode I can’t see my hand anymore, only while hunting the spear is visible for a short moment.

Hi inwaterinair,

Thanks for letting us know about this.
Does this issue persist when you reload the game? Upon restarting your PC?
If not can you recreate it by following the steps you mentioned?

Pleas provide your system specs, including OS,CPU, RAM and GPU models.