Ending needs work

End game spoilers below.

You have been warned.

So I beat the game over a year ago (ps4) and enjoyed my time with the game. I’ve gone back and started a couple of play throughs, but just couldn’t be bothered to push past maxing the tech tree before I lost interest.

Please don’t read this as me ripping on the game, I’ve deffinately gotten my money’s worth out of the deal. The minute to minute gameplay is great.

Last spoiler warning here.

But that ending is problemactic. It’s a down beat moment to what felt like a real effort to get to. Besting the three bosses was serious work and I felt real accomplishment for the work. Gathering all the supplies was a bit of a dull cap at the end, I spent a long time waiting for potatoes to make fuel. But I get it done and eh… a punch out ending that feels like it was a rejected ending for lost. The game never set up the time loop element, and doesn’t give me a way to avoid it.

Once I’ve mastered the tech tree, nothing to else to do and I don’t feel motivated to see my character off to the ending. Lost wasn’t a show I watched and had to read a game guide to have the reference explained to me. It doesn’t need to be a bollywood style dance number at the end, but a bit more then what we get would be appreciated.

Thank you.

PS. Name the unique ships, like the aircraft carrier and the cargo ship. It would give the play space some flavor.

Hi Baron,

Thank you for your feedback on the ending based on your gameplay experience. I have moved it to the suggestions section as it was posted in the Images and Videos - if this is incorrect and there should be an image / video attached or you would prefer it in General Discussion, please let me know. Regardless I shall pass this feedback onto the team.

Oops, sorry Clarie. Thank you for moving it.

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