Elevator not working

@Clare on regards to “elevators” in SD.

Before updates in September/ October you build a one way elevator by building doorway then simply stand in the open doorway and then close the door on yourself and shoot you upwards to to the top of the door arch or to the top of any amount of walls built on top of door arch.

Post updates the elevator no longer works.

Was the elevator never meant to happen or did cause issues and had to be fixed

I loved the elevators! Had some huge building that just don’t look the same with all the roof ramps and stairs! I asked @Clare if they would made that glitch return and she said it was fixed to stop players getting stuck. Personally I never got stuck, it would just shoot you out, or up to the next available floor. It would be nice to make that glitch again :wink: that would be awesome!

You know you’re an elevator builder when your character lives in a splint :sweat_smile::joy:

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