Easier toolbelt manipulation

At the moment we press :arrow_up::arrow_down::arrow_left::arrow_right: to take the item out of the toolbelt, Can we press the relevent button to put it away again also…

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What about something like this:

  • L1 still opens the ToolBelt Inventory in edit Mode. But Toolbelt is now an Inventory Wheel.
  • Increase Toolbelt Slots to 8 with Max Toolbelt Upgrades
  • To edit Toolbelt inventory you select the slot you want to swap items in and press the Confirm Button (X on PS4) it would then move the selector to an Inner Wheel with the available tools to select from. Pressing Confirm would Swap the item in the Slot and return the Selector to the Toolbelt inventory Wheel
  • :arrow_up: - Press: Swap between Last 2 Tools Used. Hold: Open Toolbelt Wheel in selection mode.
  • :arrow_left: - Switch to Previous Tool in “Toolbelt Wheel”
  • :arrow_right: - Switch to Next Tool in “Toolbelt Wheel”
  • :arrow_down: - Switch to empty hand. (Acts like opening inventory and selecting the hand icon)
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It would be nice if all tools would attach to the toolbelt but you can only have a max of 4 (at max upgrade) hotkeyed.

Personally in my toolbelt I have

:arrow_up: Refined Knife
:arrow_down: Pickaxe
:arrow_left: Refined Axe
:arrow_right: Water

It would be great to press the appropriate button for the currently held tool again to put it away.

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My current layout is:

  • :arrow_up: Refined Knife
  • :arrow_down: Refined Axe
  • :arrow_left: Kindling
  • :arrow_right: Label Maker

I know what you’re thinking; “Label Maker on the Toolbelt, Whaaat?”, but actually the Label Maker has become one of my most invaluable tools.

I have a system for island navigation.

  • Each island has a grid location A-E, 1-5. (E.g. Center Island is ‘C3’)
  • I craft a bunch of Crude Spears and when i arive to a new island i plant a Spear and rename it ‘[Grid Location] - U R Here’
  • Then i set additional spears around it, aligned with nearby islands, and label them with their corresponding Grid Locations.

Keeps me from getting lost. Especially since im trying to get the trophy for not using the compass.

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That’s a nifty idea, you could also use the location of the sun/moon to figure out direction as well.