Doubt about a Trophy

Quiero sacar el Trofeo de pasar 10 días consecutivos sin dormir en una isla, pero sólo puedo dormir si estoy en mi balsa a unos 5 metros de la isla, si me alejo más no puedo e intenté hacer eso por 10 días y no me soltó el Trofeo. ¿Tienen alguna sugerencia?

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I want to get the Trophy of spending 10 consecutive days without sleeping on an island, but I can only sleep if I am on my raft about 5 meters from the island, if I go further away I cannot and I tried to do that for 10 days and he did not let go of the Trophy. Do you have any suggestions?

Hi, I got the trophy in question while building the house, you have to keep the avatar constantly hydrated with maximum food and water. It is not worth doing anything else, in my opinion.

Ciao, io il trofeo in questione l’ho preso mentre costruivo la casa, devi mantenere l’avatar costantemente idratato con il cibo e l’acqua al massimo. Non conviene fare altro, secondo me. :woman_shrugging:t2:


Entonces debo mantenerme despierto por 10 días sin dormir nada?

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So should I stay awake for 10 days without sleeping at all?

That’s right, without sleep, he’ll also lose speed, so he tried so much food before he started :rofl:

Esatto, senza dormire, perderà anche la velocità, per cui, prima di cominciare ha provato così tanto cibo :rofl:

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The suggestion @simmy posted above is one other players have mentioned and it appears to work for them too. I have also reported the issue with sleeping on the the raft to the team. While I know it’s not ideal, I hope the suggestion simmy provided can help you achieve this trophy! Thank you simmy :slight_smile:

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