Disappearing raft ps4

PS4 I have had the yellow raft disappear and now a raft that I build and lost all my stuff on it I would get to a island build a save point and a water collector and scavenge the island and save the yellow raft did not mater So much I just started a new game but the built one sucked there was lanterns on the front of the raft which are still there in midair just floating but the raft is not there I know this has been talked about before but everyone says the raft is gone but the lanterns on my raft we’re still sitting in mid air like the raft is there it’s just invisible


Animals on passive the rest are default

The front of my raft was on the island a little bit and the lanterns that were on the front of my raft are still there but the rest is gone or invisible I don’t know

I did restart my PlayStation and unplugged it for two minutes reloaded the game still nothing

Ok just had the raft for a third time disappear I’ve been pulling it up onto the beach beside my save point has been working good came to the beach saved I went to main menu to see where I was at and the raft is gone again I’m sorry but this is a dealbreaker for this game if you can’t fix this there’s no point in playing this game seems like an easy fix everything that I’ve read this is happening for a while now?

@Forged [PS4][2033] Raft vanishing

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So close application every time I save ? I don’t know that is pretty lame Specially for how much you need to save but the Second time it happened I did Close application and restart it because I was building the raft bigger and it was listing hard to one side and would not steer so I close the application go to my last save point reopened the game and my raft was not there :man_shrugging: I don’t get why they are not fixing this problem

Hi Forged, I’m sorry to hear this issue has affected your save. Thank you for reporting the details of your experience, I shall pass these onto the team.

I completely understand how frustrating and disheartening this issue can be for players and as you have probably seen through the link Lothaer kindly posted above, there is a known issues post where we are collecting information and workarounds here: [Known Issue] Rafts/Gyro Vanishing

The team are still investigating and working on this issue and while I know the workarounds are not ideal, I hope they may be of some help - thank you for also clarifying it has occured for you even with closing the application. Please let me know if that last save was created after immediately returning to the island and this may be another cause of this issue for players.

Though it is also not ideal, it is possible to back up saves externally on a PS4 if you wish to do so. This may help to avoid this issue or allow you to revert to an older save while the team continues to work on this.

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The last time it happened I did land on the island and save immediately then Went to the main menu I also was dragging my raft up beside save point which I thought Its was working in my favour to not lose raft but this time I did not it was on the other side of the island pulled up on shore out of sight that’s that’s when it disappeared I don’t know if any of that helps you but thank you

Thank you for confirming those details about your last save Forged, I really appreciate it and I shall pass these onto the team investigating.

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