Disappearing fruit

Playstation 5, single player map, no custom island. Im beginning to think this seed is very buggy Claire. If i remember, i will pass the seed to you.

Firstly, there is a lot of vegetation that is sunk into rocks and cluffs. I just found a Kuri fruit tree inside a cliff. I seem to be having trouble finding them.on this seed. As well as the other fruit.

The big issue is tbat i saved the game with them in my inventory 2x and they disappeared the next time i got on. And if i put them or potatoes in a box, they glitch out after a few days.

The seed im playing on is 26801705

Hi Hobbitinacyclone,

Thank you for reporting this and sharing that seed. I have a report submitted to the team on this but having a specific seed they can test is very useful. I’ll be sure to update the report with it.

Regarding the fruit in your inventory vanishing, were they in your characters backpack, hand or base inventory (eg: crate storage) when you reloaded the save? Please also let me know if they were freshly picked before saving or if they would have been in your inventory long enough to spoil? - I want to clarify because it may be related to the potatoes vanishing from boxes issue (more on that below) or it could be a unique issue that would require its own report.

Regarding potatoes in a box, the team is working on an issue that results in spoiled fruit and potatoes from becoming stuck in boxes. Once they spoil and this error occurs, they will be wiped from the crate inventory after reloading. The team believes they have a solution for this issue and it’s with QA for testing now as far as I am aware. The hope is that it’ll be included in the next update - while this unfortunately doesn’t help the loss of items now, I wanted to confirm the team will be releasing a fix for it.

Sorry its been so long. Ive had them in my inventory, in a box and on the ground and theyve disappeared after some time.

Thank you for confirming that for me Hobbitinacyclone, I’ll note this is the report for the team.