Different ideas for game additions!

Just for fun I thought we might gather everyone’s suggestions for content. PC or console welcome, although let’s avoid “console to get what PC has” comments.

  1. Ladders

  2. Bring back tarps with new uses.

  3. 45° walls to fill in roof gaps.

  4. 45° floors and matching roofs.

  5. Remove or reduce placement restrictions, it limits creativity. Also allow placement of foundation and floor next to each other. Remove limitation of buildings too close, unless they overlap. Or at least have this as an option, freebies of something.

  6. Allow stations to be built indoors and on rafts. And raft building in general. Stairs, upper decks. Free placement of shelves instead of snapping them

  7. Shovel to modify terrain. Digging and mining more for different ores.

  8. Bucket

  9. Dig up sand, possibly for a glass making station.

  10. Clams/oysters

  11. Treasure chests? Or boxes.

  12. Advanced mining. Iron? More possibilities with caves. Only 1 type available per island. More rarity, more danger.

  13. Anvil and/or forge. To make refined hammer. Advanced knife, etc. Need to build motor here.

  14. Stamina pot to run faster.

  15. Pineapples and bananas

  16. Build fences and railings.

  17. Cages to catch animals.

  18. Farm animals, chickens, pigs. lay eggs/have piglets.

  19. Have easy craftable water catch. Tarp?

  20. Larger storage container craftable. Pallets that take up a full space, can store 1 stack of 20 logs, etc.

  21. Bring back/expand use of shipping containers (at least on PC)

  22. Increase island variety. Structures, caves, inland pools. Freshwater springs.

  23. Bring back sea forts and create seafort like structures for islands. Add danger to exploring.

  24. Could even have a number of pregenerated islands where some will randomly get added into the map. Like player islands, but preloaded.

  25. Soup pot over fire. And more cooking options, that possibly give other benefits.

  26. Larger water storage. Fillable tank with spigot.

  27. More region appropriate animals.

  28. Craftable scuba gear, auto uses, multi tank, built in light, etc.

  29. Hose as an item in crafting.

  30. Plumbing from tank to indoors.

  31. Plastic waterbottles findable.

  32. Allow duct tape to be used as lashings.

  33. Allow paddling and sitting on rafts. Craftable paddles, seats, steering. For coop and for backing up rafts.

  34. Large sails.

  35. Controllable lighting from one place.


For myself, I like a lot of those suggestions, but at the same time, I still like the “reality” aspects. While I understand it’s just a game, I still like how the game gives a feel of actually having to craft everything from scratch, and be able to get the idea of living on a stranded island.
Coop is a hard one for me, being the game is based on being stranded alone on an island lol. With that said, I get it, solo isn’t for everyone. For myself, I’ve always wondered what it would be like if no one else was around and I only have myself to rely on and not have to deal with ppl in general. I guess as long as it’s not mmorpg type coop, it wouldn’t be too bad, as some of us players would still want to have the option for coop or not. I’d try it out at least, if anything, to see how it is and if I like it.

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I definitely agree that it should stay survival. But at some point I think you typically reach the level of thriving not just surviving. Around the time you’re doing a fuel still for the gyrocopter.

It would be cool to have more storage and building options for more elaborate bases. And a wider variety of crafting materials, to help simulate that realism. Plastics for example could be used a lot of places in real life. And duct tape would be really invaluable.

Just a wider variety of things to explore, discover and collect, is my main point.

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Agreed, I can almost see that as, stopping the boredom during gameplay lol. As much as I love this game, and mainly play it as a getaway. I still can see myself getting bored playing it sometimes, but im hopeful with the game :slight_smile:

Taking ideas from the Forest and raft but good job bro :slight_smile:

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Haven’t played either of those games actually. Just suggesting things I’d like to see. Let’s keep it positive!

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My apologies, I tried not to sound like I was coming off rude or negative.

I like your brain :brain::brain::brain::brain::brain:

No thats my fault. I was referring to Ahmadm48s comment, I read it sarcastically at first, but now I see he meant it genuinely.

My apologies!

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Wowwwww tutto fighissimo soprattutto i suggerimenti per allevare galline o catturare animali come cinghiali e averne dei propri, almeno per avere cose da fare e non essere troppo monotono perché altrimenti dopo un po’ stanca! Figo😉

Google Translate: Wowwwww everything is very cool, especially the suggestions for raising chickens or capturing animals such as wild boars and having your own, at least to have things to do and not be too monotonous because otherwise after a while you get tired! sounds cool

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Oh ok np :slight_smile:

Hi Peppelmprota99,

I added a translation to your post. Please see my other reply to you regarding posting in English as per the Rules and Guidelines - Thank you :slight_smile:


How about a map that you find and then you know were you are, while out searching. spent 3 hrs trying to get back to island died of no water. had water bottles 3. love that you can catch groupers now. storms to long and to often. spend time sitting around because raft will flip. map that shows were you are would be helpful. i went past the buoy barriers. nothing happens. lost at sea. oh a light on the compass would be nice for night sailing. hope to hear from you on these. map please…

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I’d love to see more challenges, after completing the available challenges in the game I feel like my efforts in building and resource management is pointless. I felt it ended too soon and too easily. I would pay for more goals to unlock or another map with all new obstacles to overcome.
Deep diving, Large jungle island, deep cave networks.
I love this game but I want more reasons to come back and I’m more than happy to pay for it.

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I do like a lot of your suggestion, but I also like the fact that the point of the game is to find the aircraft carrier, fix the plane, and leave. Too many comforts and options make you want to stay on the island and not return to civilization. I try and think in reality, if I got marooned last thing I would want would be to stay on that island forever.

I like almost all the suggestions, making game more complex…

I want to add my issue shortly,

I want more reason to build walls or floors… in other words threats


I have ideas for survival ideas. Why we cant use the lift raft as a water rain collector.

Cause im pretty sure at some point ppl are having crafted rafts at some point that render the lift raft useless at a point.

While its sitting normally it can catches water that we can remove with the coconut flask . Or drinking the rain water from the get go while walking.