Creative Solutions for Watering Farm Plots

Having dumped a LOAD of hours into this game, I would wager that the masses are in agreement of this statement: “Keeping up with watering farm plots is a tedious chore.”

Lets pool together our creative and constructive potential solutions for this problem! From simple tweaks of existing in-game items to full out development of brand new systems, the more options we can present the more likely it is that any of them will end up in the game.

Think of the process as it exists right now - build a farm plot, build a still, build a means of carrying water, find some flora to grow, plant it, fuel your still 1-1 (fuel to ‘drink’ ratio), fill your container (max 5 ‘drinks’ with a clay pot), and water your plot (figure 8 ‘drinks’ to fully water - nobody uses stick farm plots).

Here’s a handful of the recommendations I’ve either seen in the forums or thought of during my adventures… In no particular order (yet)…

  • Allow Jerry Cans to hold water (more ‘drinks’ per container = less back & forth from stills to water plots)
  • Allow Stills to hold more than 4 pieces of fuel (fewer manual fuel refills = less time monitoring stills)
  • Allow Stills to collect nearby pieces of fuel (if I have a stack of fronds next to a still, let that still automatically pick up the fronds when it can produce more water)
  • Allow Stills to be ‘placed’ on farming plots (removes the requirement to fill a container and transport water, essentially allowing automatic watering of the attached farm plot(s))
  • Create a bulk water storage container (perhaps the barrels could be converted to hold a large supply of water, reducing the amount of micro-management required)
  • Create irrigation system or an upgraded, 'Irrigated Plot"
  • Irrigated Plot (regular plot + clay pot)

Keep em coming!


I never keep my plots fully filled with water from stills.

I keep them at 6/8 that way when there is a storm the rain will fill my plots the rest of the way that way the rain isn’t wasted.

Also, when it rains is the best time to fill up any flasks that are empty as rain will also fill your stills a bit.

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