Crates moving location

My crates moved shelves even without meat in them. It happens every time I leave my island and come back. I find all of my crates are double stacked on different shelves labeled different things. So it’s happening to crates without meat in them as well. It seems to happen more on my 2 different rafts

If you would just make the crates face us when we dropped them we wouldn’t need to deal with these [Removed -Clare] shelves

Hi Kainn117,

I’ve moved your comments to a new post as while they are referencing crates it appears to be a different issue to the original issue reported and also occurs in Single Player rather than Multiplayer for you.

When this issue occurs, does it occur on the rafts or shelves that travel with you, just shelves left at your island, or both?

Hello Clare, ok so this is an interesting bug. So I encounterd this bug that maybe similar to the one described above. I believe I know how to re create it (conditions that caused the bug).

I had my raft with about 21 crates (7 full shelves), it is anchored between a house with about 8 crates in it and another structure. When I saved and quit to menu and loaded back in the crates from the house teleported onto the raft “knocking” other crates off their shelves you were still able to interact with these crates however I was unable to put them back on the shelves as the game was still registering that the shelves were full.

Another interesting thing is that I know that it shifted the crates position around the raft as I had named the crates with a name tagger and they order was mixed up :thinking:.

Anyways hope this helps. If you would like me to start a new thread with this bug let me know. I have some screenshots of the bug if that will help too.

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Thanks for that info BuzzKillington - I’ll pass this message onto the team in the hopes that it helps them to recreate the issue on their end and find what could be causing these crates to jump to the wrong position.

[Edit: Oh, actually, some screenshots would be great, as sometimes they can be helpful to the team too. I don’t mind if you’d prefer to load them into your own thread, but here is ok too.]

I have this bug as well.

Built shelves, have 25+ crates, all full on shelves, and 15 empty on the ground.

Log out and back in, change islands…crates move around, sometimes double stack on the shelves, (middle shelf will become unusable), some empty go onto shelves, some full go to different shelves, none get placed back on the ground.

It’s a pain to use hassle a game day or more to sort my crates before doing anything else.

Hi Tearstar, welcome to the forums,

Thank you for reporting your experience of this issue. In another thread on this issue, Frozztastic mentioned that in their save if they waited for a few minutes and did not interact with any crates or shelves, they witnessed them popping back into place. Has this ever occurred for you or do you always need to rearrange them? Which I completely understand is frustrating to lose a game day to.

My friend was able to see and pickup the ones on my raft that had come off I couldn’t it’s like they are de synced

When this happens, check your watch dates and times. See if they are desynched