Crates Disappearing

PS5 1.09 Crate Disappeared

Crate full of food, fibrous disappeared after reload. Was playing multiplayer.

Default settings.
Seed unknown

Reloaded, never reappears.
When dropping planks in same area planks become invisible, but can pick back up and drop again.
Crate is not invisible. It is gone.

Hi SmokedLargeMeat, welcome to the forums,

I’m sorry to hear you’ve lost your crate full of items. Can you confirm for me if you’re playing on multiplayer or single player mode?

The seed number of your save (at the bottom of the cartographer) and the location of the island where this occurs would also be greatly appreciated as it can help the team in testing this issue.

Please also let me know if you’ve lost any other items. Some players have reported finding them at the shore or after they reload the save, has this been the case for you at all?

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