Console (Xbox) Cartogrpher

Is XBox One Cartographer going to ever allow the same map controls as the PC? And WHY can’t I add the same amount of stuff on XBox One as PC users or the default maps. It’s like XBox is being crippled. Seriously! Fun game except for cartographer

Hi Chrisa, welcome to the forums!

Your question would probably best fall under the following section of the Console Version FAQ post:

Will you be adding more items to the Console version?

Yes. While we do not have a set list of items and features or a timeline for when items will be ported across from PC, our aim is to bring as much as we can over to Console.

Any changes or addtions to the game will be posted in the News and Announcements section as soon as it becomes available. I do however appreciate your feedback on the game and features currently available.

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Now we just need a general roadmap to see what they want to have finished by approximately when!

Love the game. Can’t wait for more updates, so I can have some renewed reason to play. :stuck_out_tongue: