[Console] Update from the team, 2022-08-11

@Lothaer - You’ve probably already seen it by now, but in case not, or if anyone else wants a link to it, the 1.0 notes are here - Stranded Deep 1.0 Release!

@Vrivera2022 - This may be considered a feature so I’m not sure, but I’ll pass this feedback into the team. You can also post in the Suggestions section if you have not already done so.

@Shturman889 - Please bear with me, I’ve reached out to the team to get some additional clarification on the items you mentioned and I will share the response here as soon as I receive it.

@Charlie1992 - Not yet! But I’ll let you know as soon as I get a release date from the team :slight_smile:

@xGnomeGrownx - The team understands there are still outlying issues within both the PC and Console versions of the game. While PC 1.0 has been released and is considered feature complete, the team will be continuing to work on issues reported by players that play on both PC and Console. But I do understand that it is frustrating that some issues are taking longer than others to resolve. I have a report I created based on previous reports you had on issues in your larger builds and I will update it with the images and links provided.


Please note I will do my best to respond to questions here as best I can. If you have an issue you wish to report, please create a new report in the Console Bug Reports section as multiple reports in the one thread can become messy and I don’t want to risk missing anything from anyone.

Thank you.


Thanks clare much appreciated :grin:

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Thank you very much Clare

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Thank you for your patience and responsiveness, Claire.

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So glad for this update but no mention of the spyglass fix!? After using the spyglasses on single player and multiple players, (ps4) the view stays as if you’re still looking through the spyglasses. The only fix i found for this is saving game and going back to the main menu and then continuing. Would really like to see this fixed in the near future.

@Shturmann889 - Thank you for your understanding. As I mentioned I requested clarification from the team based on your comments.

I can confirm that storage piles is the only remaining feature from PC due to be brought over to the Console version. Due to limitations, features like the larger map will not be added.

However they did also confirm that placing items inside of structures would be considered more of a “Quality of Life” change and this may be added in a future update - I unfortunately don’t have confirmation on which update it would be included in. There may also be other items in this category due to be addressed, while I did not ask for specifics at this time, I’ll add it to my list of questions from the community for one of my future updates and see if I can get more details for everyone and post it in a community update.

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Hi @420gamer36, welcome to the forums.

I moved your post to this topic as you are a console player. The update to 1.0 was released for PC, the console update is still in progress. As per Sam’s message above, we don’t have a confirmed ETA for the console update yet but we’ll let the community know as soon as we have one.

However, I can confirm the team found a fix for the spyglasses issue and the fix is due to be released in the next update. The workaround for this issue in the interim, is exactly as you described - reloading your save. I understand it is not ideal but I have unfortunately not heard of any in-game solutions for this issue, if one is discovered between now and the release of the fix, I will add it to the known issue report here: [Known Issue][PS4/XB1] Spyglass / Binoculars not working as intended

I am absolutely convinced that the computing power of the PS5 and xbox series x is more than enough to cope with the “new big world” update, so the statement about the limitations for these platforms looks extremely doubtful. I am ready to buy it for money, despite the fact that pc users got it for free. Just give it to us!


Can you please fix the no sharks on custom island on consoles please? I love the game just wish the team would fix some of the issues. Custom islands need to be improved as well let consoles add caves and all that like PC has please
Thank you.


So to clarify has the PS4 version been updated?

None of the console versions have received an update recently.

Claire, hi. Pass my message to the developers of the console version of the game, please. Guys! We believed in you all these years, patiently watching the development of the PC version of the game and dreaming in the afternoon when a holiday will come on our street, so that now you will tell us - “No, a new big world will not be added due to restrictions” ? I don’t believe you can’t do this for current gen consoles, i understand why there may be difficulties with the implementation on the nintendo switch, but this can definitely be done for ps5 and the xbox series s/x and I’m willing to buy this and all subsequent expansions with money, just do it, give us that content. There are significantly heavier games on the PS5 that work great. For example, look at No man sky, he feels great on ps5 and the guys also started working together in the basement without a penny in their bosoms, fought against world skepticism and threats and see how their game looks today and receives regular updates every 2-3 months , and the team moved to a cozy office and expanded significantly. And you can do it too, your game is beautiful, you have great creativity, but don’t give up your idea, don’t forget where you started, don’t leave your audience, we really believe in you and we will continue to hope for a positive outcome for both the game and and for team development.


Well said mate i agree with everything you said and would happily pay money too as the game is truly fantastic

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Sorry for the delay in responding to some of these comments. As a reminder - if you have an issue you wish to report, please create a new report (by submitting a new topic) in the Console Bug Reports section and I will get to it asap.

@Haleyy93 - I have a report submitted on this issue regarding shark spawning already for the team, but will add a note for them that it is still occurring for users. The customisation you mentioned would likely be considered a feature, but I’ll pass the feedback on to the team regardless.

@Lesker1978 - I see Lothaer already replied to you, but for extra clarification: The console version did not get an update when this announcement was made. It is awaiting an update that the team is currently working on. As per Sam’s comment above, the ETA is not yet determined but they want to get it out asap. I will let the community know as soon as I receive word about a release date (unless one of the other Beam Team accounts posts it first).

@Shturman889 - I will pass your messages onto the dev team as requested.


@420gamer36 I found a workaround for the spyglass but it’s kind of confusing. So once you equip the spyglass and long press “R2” it gives you the spyglass vision. Do NOT press “R2” again to remove it. Instead, keep it active on your face and tap “R1” to go into your inventory and equip your barehand TWICE. The spyglass vision will disappear but it will look like you dropped the spyglass because when you look at the ground it will say “Spyglass press square to pick up” but It doesn’t show the actual spyglass. Just go back into your inventory and click on the spy glass (do not press “R2”) and it will “pick it up” off the ground (Even though you don’t actually see it on the ground just a prompt to pick it up). From there you can go back into your inventory and pick whatever other tool or item you want to use.

Hi Suthsa1, welcome to the forums. Thank you so much for sharing this workaround. I’m going to add this to the known issues post so other users might get a chance to see and try this too :slight_smile:

Thank you again!

Personally wondering about the state of console which is no where near what PC IS. console players have still yet to hear anything from Beam Team about what is coming down the pipeline for them other than piles. I seriously hope that’s not all planned for console. You guys stated “better communication” but I’m not seeing that in regards to console. The community needs some communication from you guys. And the console players still playing need better. Hell they deserve a lot better.


Hi GrandDaddyGamer, welcome to the forums and thank you for your feedback,

I’ve been gathering info for the team and organising the first of the new update posts which I’ve posted today here: [Console] Message from the Team, 2022-08-30

Hello, yep agree. We are waiting since january for bugfix or info about the date. Would be better if they change it back to previous patch than wait another 7 months.