[Console] Patches 1, 2, and 3

Below are outlines detailing the previous updates for the Console version of Stranded Deep.

2020/04/21 [Patch 1]
A patch that fixed some echoing issues in the game was released at launch. However we were made aware that some systems did not download the patch automatically so players were prompted to do so.
This showed as version 1.01 on PS4 and on XB1.

2020/04/29 [Patch 2]


  • Added controller ‘Invert Y’ option.
  • Added controller ‘Sensitivity’ option.
  • Added ability for players to jump in shallow water.
  • Added version label to main menu screen.
  • Added “Save/You need to save at a Shelter” label to the pause menu.
  • Changed Shelter and Beds to only allow sleeping at night.
  • Changed sleeping at a Shelter or Bed to always wake up in the morning.
  • Fixed SFX cutting out in certain scenarios.
  • Fixed SFX transitioning abruptly.
  • Fixed crafted Rafts toppling over very easily when a Sail is attached.

2020/06/10 [Patch 3]


  • Fixed an issue with the Hobo Stove that prevented the campfire underneath from being lit.
  • The trophy “Magnets, how do they work” is now correctly awarded. Picking up a compass will not invalidate the trophy. A new save will be required if you have already picked up a compass in your current save.
  • Fixed an issue that led to a crash when lighting the campfire.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the rafts to become stuck on Brain Corals.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Anchor from being dropped in Boss areas
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in losing items being lost from the end game carrier when the area was reloaded. This fix covers items that were being lost in the carrier itself. This will apply to current saves, however it will not return items already lost.
  • Auto-walk is now disabled upon interacting with items and structures.


  • An option to toggle “Auto-walk” On and Off was added in General Settings. The default setting for this feature is “Off”
  • Added vibration feedback when chopping logs.