Console ideas for consideration

So hey there, it’s bam, I post on here on occasion and I have some ideas for what I’d like to see possibly going further into the game.
First I’d like to see a tool like a shovel for ground leveling. Now I get you have to limit how much you interact with the environment for stability but perhaps a limit to a third of land able to be manipulated would make ocd planters happy.
Bring back building your stations in/on your structures please. My island is a disaster to look at because I want to put my clay station, loom, leather station and build a kitchen in my bungalow.
Bring back getting all resources back as long as you don’t finalize hammering it all in like walls, floor, roofs etc. That makes base layouts a ton easier to design.
Please introduce a smaller stair option. I’d like to make a dock for the raft for easier unloading and with a smaller stair option, I believe I can clip it to my deck, which would be nice. As you know there is no terrain manipulation option and you’re kinda stuck with what you get so some extra building blueprints are always welcome.
For those who want a barge and the game doesn’t like it, perhaps a grappling hook for climbing and raft tethering. Design a tool usable for this. They can make a raft trailer, for lack of better names, and it’s something that can be pulled around and released using the grappling hook and I believe stability would improve for their game play. I say theirs because I don’t take everything not bolted to the islands. Lol.
Please introduce a barrel planter and/or rain collection option. Since those wav… flowers have no purpose currently in the game, a planter for a table or porch would be cool and not a dang plant box. Then it brings in a little decorative idea to the mix.
I’m sure I will update this with more ideas. But here are a few to get the Ole gears turning. Thanks a ton for the great game so far.


Like this!:+1::+1: Add on some more usage for leather/cloth, such as craftable clothing/footwear, additional carry-belts/bandoliers/leg and arm harness, maybe survival tent. Would like to see the 5 slot containers, additional inventory slot, and item storage stacks from pc world to help with xbox performance issues, too. Oh, craftable crates and more LANTERNS PLEASE!!!

Agree with the small stair option. It costs 4 sticks for a single stick step to get up a small ledge.

hi, will the game be in Russian?