Connection drops multiplayer

Hi there me and my friend always face with drop problem.

  • I set up the game as a host, and my friend joins the game, but he gets kicked out of the game in 20-30 minutes.
  • Sometimes, I also get kicked out of the game.
  • When we play together, sometimes I can’t see the storage boxes that my friend picks up and places in a certain location.
  • Sometimes, my friend can’t see the items I drop in the game.
  • When my friend tries to rejoin the game, the game reloads, which causes both of us to lose our progress. Only my friend should be taken to the loading screen, and I should be able to continue playing.
  • There are many bugs related to multiplayer gameplay.
  • We love the game, but getting kicked out of the game constantly is ruining our gaming experience.
  • We urgently request an update from you. Thank you.
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Hi heft, thanks for all the details.
What region are you playing in?