Building on platforms xb1 gameplay

When I try to put any kind of buildings l( water still, camp fire, tent etc,) it doesn’t let me and it only says that there is something in the way

Are you trying to build those things on top of a foundation ?

Hi UnwariestOrc5, welcome to the forums,

As Charlie1992 mentioned above if you’re trying to place these items on a foundation or floor piece, there is an error that prevents this from happening. The fix for this should be released in the next update - however it is my understanding that some items may not be placeable on foundation pieces by design (I think the water still needs to be outside for example)

If you’re having issues without the use of foundation pieces, please submit a report to the Console Bug Report section of the forums with as much info as possible and I’ll get back to you asap.

Thank you.

Hi clare just a quick one when the update is released will we have a full list of what item’s can and cant be placed on a foundation/flooring ? Thanks

I’ll ask the team for a list so I can post it with or just after the update info as I’m sure it’ll prevent a good deal of trial and error or issue reports by players :+1:

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