Building for the first time issues

Good day all!
So I’m trying my hand at building. It’s my understanding that building isn’t the greatest in this game so I fully expect to have to break down and try again with this issue.

My issue is I’m not building a box. I brought one of the walls of the building inwards, creating a nook of sorts and to add some character. Now I have a section of roof I can’t seem to build. Please see the picture for clarification.

Can this be built or am I dreaming?


It looks like you’re building in a type of + shape? would that be right?

I think I tried some similar angles and corners together before and it’s hard to join them in the center (if at all) without some sort of gap in the roof. Inner corners in particular usually have gaps for me.

I think I have extra roof shapes on my player request list, but I’ll double check and update it if needs be.

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I’m trying to do an inside corner vs the standard outside corner. The v would be inverted.
I don’t see this shape in the roofs section. So can only assume it was not implemented.
This would be a shape that would most definitely need to be added to the list if it’s not already.

I don’t understand how something like this can be missed! Building would be an absolute in a game like this and in fact has been since pre release many, many years ago. One of many more items for the devs.
Man they have their work cut out for them…