Building connection points - never goes as expected!

Apparently I can only upload one img, so they’re all stuck together at the end, sorry!

I’m trying to build up the front of this nice looking cliff. Nice view, and right next to the plane!

I’m trying to get the stairs going up the front of the cliff, starting with a foundation, but it just refuses to go ‘up’ the cliff. It’ll go sideways, it will even connect to the back coming OUT of the mountain!

I don’t even know what this one is connecting to…

Essentially base building is a complete hectic mess. Would be nice if they just snapped to every single edge of every single piece in a structure.

Your foundation doesn’t look long enough to go up with the ladder since the ladder needs to go in the middle of the foundation. Was it pushed into the mountain?

No, I was allowed to place it half in the mountain, but it is a full foundation square. The third image you can see the ladder has snapped to the foundation, however it only wants to snap parallel to the mountain - not going ‘up’ the mountain (similar to the red ladder in the 2nd image).

I am possibly doing something wrong - is there a guide to how exactly building snaps together? or is it just random based on what the engine feels like?

From my experience it’s whatever the mechanics will let you build lol. I’d say try to move it around and see if it turns white after trying different little angles

You can rotate placements with the Q and E keys.