Bugs on ps4 pro 2083 update

Havent played in awhile, so I decided to pick it up again. Was wondering if the game is dead or are we still looking forward to future updates?

Im playing on the Ps4 pro, update version 2083.
Sorry if these bugs have been reported already.

  1. Cant use the Binoculars. Leaves a permanent “black racoon” looking through the Binoculars. It also causes the disappearance of both arms. Cant read the watch anymore. Saving and logging out and back in seems to fix it.

  2. When under water, a school of fish sound like the sound of a colony of bats on land. Day or night.

  3. I watched a seagull flip my big raft. Is that normal? Haha

My sittings are Hard, female, permadeath, default animals. Original islands. I have only explored 4 islands.


Hi Shaolindruid - lovely to see you again!
The team are currently investigating and working on issues reported by players but we’ve no estimate on the next update as yet.

Regarding your reports…

  1. This one appeared after the last update and unfortunately there is no workaround for using them in-game that we’re aware of. There’s a few different effects that can occur for players when they use them (some lose arms, some don’t, etc) so I appreciate you letting me know what happened for you - I’ll note this for the team.

  2. There was an issue with bat fx underwater that I reported to the team but if I recall correctly replicating it was difficult and a few players weren’t sure where it was coming from. I’ll follow up with them on this and add your comment that you believe it’s coming from the school of fish in your save.

  3. I know seagull colliders have messed with stuff inside player’s houses and smaller rafts but big rafts is a new one… how big are we talking?

Thank you also for including your settings, and of course if you notice anything else please do let me know, even if they’ve been reported before information on your experience can still be extremely helpful!