Bug trophy gotta craft them all!

Jai tous crafter les items du jeu et je reçois pas le tropher jai meme regarder plusieurs fois si la tâche brune etais sur chaque item et elle letais donc le tropher est bug et comment je fait parce que je peut pas platine le jeu?

Translation added by Clare using Google Translate:
I crafted all the game items and I don’t receive the trophy I even looked several times if the brown stain was on each item and it was there so the trophy is bug and how do I do it because I can’t platinum the game?


I have edited your post to have an English translation and title. We ask that players post in English or include a translation in their posts as per the Rules and Guidelines of the forums:

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Thank you for your understanding.

With regards to your issue with the trophy Gotta Craft Them All - can you confirm for me if you have also created piles in your game? While these are not listed in the crafting menu, and can only be created from the quick crafting menu, they still count towards your trophy. One player reported they needed to freshly load the game and craft a pile immediately, without opening their crafting menu in order to unlock it.

If you have crafted the piles and you are still not able to receive the trophy. Please try clearing the cache of the console by shutting down and unplugging for 2 mins before rebooting. Please also let me know if, after 10 or so minutes of gameplay in your save, if you check your crafting menu again, has anything turned gray?

Thank you.