Base island question

Hi there guys just wondering if anyone has set up there base island on the end game ship island? Just started a new play through and its definitely challenging without any fibre etc on the island. But it’s easy to spot lol. I like the deep water all the way round and found I had to build a small shack high ish up straight away because when a storm hits it started washing everything away haha

if you scroll through the forums there is a guy that built on top of the big ship. its pretty awsome. to much work in my opinion. i always make my home base where i can see the big ship off in the distance. that way if im out at sea and get turned around i just sail till i see the big ship and then know exaclly where i need to go from there. usually 2 islands away from big ship is still visible.


Hi tonto614, welcome to the forums!

I believe the player Chiasson is refering to is @xGnomeGrownx :slight_smile: - They have images and footage here - Building on the Big Ship


I have a brick base on the Way Out island. I also farm there to grow fruit and Yucca. If you place your farm in the right place you can get ocean water to replenish it for you. Dont tell the developers…

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Really? Mine are actually under water occasionally but doesnt seem to top them up?

Just had a look Clare wow that’s impressive!


I didn’t realise that was possible. I never thought to do it as you can’t build on other wrecks.

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