Balancing loot from small palms vs. small pine trees

Minor annoyance I’ve noticed… when you chop small pine trees, the smaller ones give you one stick and the larger ones give two sticks, and that makes sense. But when you crop small palms, regardless of the plants’ size, you only get one fibrous leaf. I think the larger small palms should give two to reflect the same logic as the pine trees.

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I have said the same thing about the Giant Grouper. That’s gotta be a 100-150 lbs of meat from one of those things. They are much bigger than the wild boar. I could eat for weeks off 150lbs of meat, not just 2 medium meats.

Completely unnecessarily, the game forces us to repeat certain activities. The hunted animals should give more meat, small palm trees should give different amounts of fibrous leaves. We collect little water. There are few raw materials in stone and clay deposits.

You can organize your life quite well on these deserted islands. But it takes a long time. Acquiring more materials would allow more time for something different, more interesting.