Any thing new about stranded deep console?

I’m asking about stranded deep console news because the game needs more updates because it’s having so much frames problem and I wish to play the game on pc because it’s MUCH better but I don’t ,have a pc so rip me :confused:

If ya haven’t played on new mod, it’s actually quite good now. We have container shelves, can place work stations in house’s, gyrocopter seems to be working better as well (still takes 2 gallons to the mile though lol), raft steering is really improved even with a little play in the steering is ok. There’s also giant hogs and crabs now, we can also catch groupers and black tip reef sharks. That’s bout all I can think of lol but it works better all around

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The latest information is posted in News and Announcements as soon as it’s available. Patch notes also mention a date of release so if you haven’t played in a while that’s probably the best way to check if anything new has been added since you last played :slight_smile:

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