Aloe salve usage

Please make the aloe salve last longer than 1 usage or have the aloe plants regrow.

There is a limited supply of aloe plants (2 per island, maybe). It takes 2 plants to make 1 aloe salve. This ratio makes no sense. Yes I can make farm plots and plant them but this eats a ton of needed resources to maintain a usable amount of aloe plants considering the time it takes to grow one plant.


Make bout 5 plots, 7 water stills (depending on how many plots you have) fill with rainwater, don’t use the rainwater for anything other than plots. Also, look for naked areas on your island, put plots on that, then you don’t have to lose plants for lashings. Second option, make a farm island with aloe everytime. I have one farm island that I switch up what I need, depending what I’m building or needing; lashings, boars, or anything else I’m missing

How does one collect rain water?

Just build a still outside, never use leaves at the bottom for rainwater stills. If you build enough water stills, you never have to use leaves lol

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