[2083] Crates disappearing

This is happening to me, my crates are disappearing, with all sorts in them cloth, meat, engine parts just vanishing. Crates in shelving or just in the ground all vanishing. Some return if I don’t go on the save for a week or so. Even so after a few hours playing they disappear again. I’m on solo play as well if that makes a differance. This is a shame hopefully I’ll play the game when it’s all fixed as just one to many bugs at this point.

Hi Madhatter96, welcome to the forums

I moved your post to a new topic as the topic you had posted in was from October of last year and there have been some updates since.

I’m sorry to hear you’re experiencing issues with your crates during gameplay. Please let me know…

  • What console are you playing on?

  • What version of the game you’re playing (this number is in the bottom left of the main menu, I added 2083 to your post title as that’s the current version, but if your number is different, please let me know.

  • How old / established is the save you’re playing?

  • How many crates do you estimate you have on your island?

  • Have you noticed if crates vanish when traveling or if you’re on islands with less items?

  • Are any crates displaced (not vanished, but potentially floating in the air beside shelves or removed from shelves and placed nearby)

  • You mentioned you are playing solo, can you confirm if you mean a single player game or a multiplayer game where you are playing on your own?

  • If this is a single player game, do you relabel your containers with a label maker?

  • Do crates that reappear, appear back in the exact same spot, or are they appearing elsewhere on the island?

Any extra information you can provide is greatly appreciated as it can help the team to investigate this issue further and determine if this is similar to the older issue you commented on or a different issue entirely.

You also mentioned you experienced other issues, I understand all issues can be very frustrating for players and also understand wanting to wait for fixes before continuing. If you would like to share details of other issues you’ve experienced, please do not hesitate to do so. Even if we are already aware of the issues, each player’s experience of the issue can often help the team in their work to find fixes.

Thank you.