[2078] Crashing and Spears Flying

Hello Clare, thanks to the team because fix the ‘no interaction’ bug Now i have the same bug described here. game crush on save. I don’t see any pattern on it, some times I can save some time it crash. And another thins is happening if I try to throw a spear on water it fly away…literally it fly to the sky and beyond…

Hi setzerleon,

I moved your post to it’s own topic so I can address it directly and because you mentioned an issue that is potentially unrelated.

Firstly, can you confirm for me if you are playing on PS4/5 or XB1 and if your save is an updated saved from the previous version or a new save from 2078?

When you are saving and experiencing a crash, do you recall seeing error messages or any kind of notification on screen before hand? Please also let me know how frequent these crashes are and if you use a shelter, a sleeping bag or both?

With regards to your spear, is this a refined spear or a wooden spear and can you confirm for me if you are dropping it on water or throwing as in aiming and throwing into / at the water?

If it’s possible to get a video clip of it happening that would also be very useful for the team, but no worries if not!

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