2 games I created failed after building Axe

PC, 0.90.08 unable to build anything after axe disappears
PC 0.90.08 Palm Seedlings do not give out fibers plant
2 times this game I use my axe to hit the palm sapling and the fibers dissappear in a bush
that the sapling was in.
While doing the first Tutorial, I created an Axe. When I opened my backpack the Axe was not present. When I tried to create a new one the game would not reconize I had all the materials needed to build another one

This has happened 3 times in one game, I was able to save the game before the problem
This has occured in 3 of 4 games I have played since yesterday 07/26/2022
Seed 09011
This number can be found at the bottom of the cartographer

*All Default settings

Find a palm sappling in a bush or on/inside a rock, harvest the sappling, NO fiber plant appears
Make it throgh the tutorial until you create the Axe
Never got to the point I could save, problem occurs at the begining tutorial
Not Yet, will try a file check first. going to uninstall and reinstall game, will put saved game in sperate location
Will be uninstalling/reinstalling game